I Was ChrisMDs Personal Chef for 24 Hours!
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This video is sponsored by KFC Gaming

  • Robert Mclelland
    Robert Mclelland

    Was that KFC medium rare lol

  • Piero Alessandro
    Piero Alessandro


  • Mo and Nj
    Mo and Nj

    SCRAN backwards is NARCS👀

  • M M
    M M

    What's Charlie's @?

  • Kazer

    9:42 for starting scene

  • Pete Sabbus
    Pete Sabbus

    A bolognese is made with a base of onion, garlic, bacon, cellery, and carrots witch you cook for about 5-10 min. Before that you cook the meat and remove it from the pan. Then you add the meat back inn the pan. Add salt and pepper. Then you add whit wine so it cover the meat. Add a lid and let it cook for 30 min. Then you get rid of the lid and let the wine reduse. Then you add tined tomatoes and let it cook for another 30 min. After that you add pasta with some of the sauce to a frying pan and cook it for one person.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith

    Chris is so white

  • Usaid ahmed
    Usaid ahmed

    9:37 thank me later

  • Salmaan Ali
    Salmaan Ali

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact he just put IRN BRU into the spaghetti ??🤢

  • osas me brudah
    osas me brudah

    brush the teeth freezy. lol

  • Sid Nam
    Sid Nam

    Bay leave are literally not a scam. They’re so cool!

  • Kimberly

    I like to put pasta first and meat after! Idk something about mixing it myself. Also when there's leftovers it doesn't dry out (as pasta sucks up all the moisture)

  • Eissa Elshaer
    Eissa Elshaer

    HE SWEARED !!!

  • annabel s
    annabel s

    sorry but his camera man is lenggg

  • Innes Tomlinson
    Innes Tomlinson

    15:16 omg chrismd sweared in a video

  • josh beard
    josh beard

    Bolongese should be mixed in the pan with the pasta, should of took the leaves out before serving

  • Leo Sewell
    Leo Sewell

    why does the vid get better when cal is holding the camera?. # clapped

  • Rose Rose
    Rose Rose

    Bruh what was the message lol



  • Shridhar Singh
    Shridhar Singh

    Be Miniminters personal chef

  • Maya B
    Maya B

    "no cooking oil, no butter" sounds like my anorexia

  • Bode MKD
    Bode MKD

    what do you mean medium rare chicken mate thats called salmonela

  • Joseph Stevens
    Joseph Stevens

    It’s finger licking good: this is the message

  • Chuy 324
    Chuy 324

    6:52 I can’t believe Chris swore

  • Yusra Rahman
    Yusra Rahman

    That looks like vikks crib

  • Johnathan Rice
    Johnathan Rice

    A1 scran

  • Cody Beech
    Cody Beech

    When you left at the end, you left your phone on Chris's side, just thought I'd let you know so you could go pick it up

  • Cris P. Bacon
    Cris P. Bacon

    “I like my chicken medium rare” that is not a thing, you will get food poisoning

    • rainy “:-}” krem
      rainy “:-}” krem


  • Reverse_JT_

    Chris had COVID?


    The man just said he likes his chicken medium rare

  • Subhan Alli
    Subhan Alli


  • Brockkk

    Wait does anyone know the sound track at the start of Cals intro when he was talking about KFC

  • Charlie Twell
    Charlie Twell

    U put it after and not in it

  • Jeffrey Ogunleye
    Jeffrey Ogunleye

    I wish the thumbnail was true sometimes 😔😂

  • Nicola Jackson
    Nicola Jackson

    Probably I would put it after like if u agree

  • Noah

    We see those Hello Pandas top tier scran👌

  • Angela SmitaAshkohossainR'
    Angela SmitaAshkohossainR'

    The black-and-white italian importantly march because propane sicily bubble anenst a hollow racing. sordid, petite condor

  • kachi

    cals teeth and hair are matching

  • Toby WAKEMAN
    Toby WAKEMAN

    first time i have heard Chris swear

  • KashiRinaldi

    6:51 naught boy chris swearing

  • Del Boi
    Del Boi

    So no one gonna talk abt freezy’s face when Chris said “this is the kitchen” 🤣🤣

  • kyle Saunders
    kyle Saunders

    Lovley scran great scran fuck it its scran

  • James Hunt
    James Hunt

    Chicken omlette is a crime

    • James Hunt
      James Hunt

      If you think about it

  • Poppy Mccann
    Poppy Mccann

    Charlie is fit

  • PARIE %
    PARIE %

    Does anyone know who the cameraman is?

  • Julie Darling
    Julie Darling

    Why didn’t cal do this in any of the cook offs

  • Floww

    I do spaghetti the way cal does it

  • Bailey Stringer
    Bailey Stringer

    Click life visit folk

  • Marshy

    i hope that u and the camera man self isolated even though Chris had covid a mouth ago

  • jonki leshi
    jonki leshi

    The hard-to-find pendulum phenomenologically jam because spinach nutritionally pull mid a eager fly. tricky, glossy dryer

  • CommunistStarWar

    Mate I mix my bolonese

  • Velvet Fox
    Velvet Fox

    hope you cook the chicken first

  • ei39rk

    12:30 the face kills me

  • Kironi Ζ
    Kironi Ζ

    Who is the cameraman ?

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis

    The uncooked mushrooms straight in...shambles.

  • Tamerlan

    Only watching because the top comment said Chris swore

  • Ertiza Jowdat
    Ertiza Jowdat



    Man shut up bay leaf when used properly is so aromatic

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm


  • Sebastian Drax
    Sebastian Drax

    Gives Chris salmonella.

  • chxmx

    Man left ALL the grease in the pan lmfao

  • oliv3615

    omelet?? its fucking burned!

  • Sasha Quill
    Sasha Quill

    Do spat after

  • Ryan Crichton
    Ryan Crichton

    As someone from Scotland I'm just gonna say never do that with the bru ever again

  • Jorel Aramburo
    Jorel Aramburo

    I love that Cal has all these cooking videos but it's so obvious that he never cooks anything hahaha

  • Jeril Laiju
    Jeril Laiju

    That made me feel like cal doesn't like the kfc but it was a sponsor

  • Johobo

    I’ve never met anyone that eats spaghetti bolognnaise non mixed it should always be mixed

  • amani

    11:54 😭😭😭

  • Ethan Grant
    Ethan Grant

    Freezy is clapped for doing that to the spag bowel

  • kquack

    Bay leaves are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium... So really good for u and ur puku lmao

  • Bartholomew

    "I might just food poison him so i can go home" 😭😭

  • Rishabh Shukla
    Rishabh Shukla

    Now do the same thing, but with JJ

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde

    calfreezy is slowly turning his channel into a cooking channel and im here for it lol

  • jlong0304

    13:20 nah that is tapped

  • Barnaby Gough
    Barnaby Gough

    Now for good scran

  • Tafog

    Freezy be KSI chef next

  • ruhith mohammed
    ruhith mohammed

    Instagram chef of the year

  • Johnny Codrington
    Johnny Codrington

    Yeh mix it in

  • EchoicLad

    Pasta belongs in the sauce during cooking, so Cal was right

  • Turkey Time
    Turkey Time

    Cal is they type of guy to only cook at a food tech class.

  • Jordan Wolhuter
    Jordan Wolhuter

    Of course British people describing bay leaves as a scam

  • Harley Stanbury
    Harley Stanbury


  • Roth W
    Roth W

    He just ate Kentucky fried children (KFC) 😂

  • Jack Hopwood
    Jack Hopwood

    Is the hidden message that it’s KFC’s birthday? (When you picked the cake up)

  • Shush Pls
    Shush Pls

    Who laughed when he said Harry tried to snort the salt

  • Harel Malul
    Harel Malul


  • nhl81

    no after

  • Kieron Rushton
    Kieron Rushton

    I'm so glad I've found someone else who uses the washing up liquid as hand sanitiser

  • reece capell
    reece capell

    After u melon

  • Xrays edits
    Xrays edits

    does Chris live in London coz I don't think he would go to gursey to be his chef

  • Fraser Clark
    Fraser Clark

    Why did I sniff it when he held the pan up to the camera

  • grace thompson
    grace thompson

    7:02 what the fuck do you mean cheese and chocolate

  • kingryan yt
    kingryan yt

    It's finger liking good

  • Harvey Ruane
    Harvey Ruane

    Finally Chris swearing with out it being removed

  • Terry Jacks
    Terry Jacks

    Get a job you am annoying

  • Wavy

    0:36 lmao why tf is one ear so big and one so small

  • Tod Hold
    Tod Hold

    His cake wish was hilarious.

  • Sidemen & Friends Shorts
    Sidemen & Friends Shorts

    Watch an Illegal rave in woodlands in UK during lockdown! isdowns.info/lift/3nDMbq9zZqV4jsk/v-deo

  • AczelOnTop

    Freezy: find someone else who can whisk better than me My mum: are you sure about that

  • Angelo Felix Mun
    Angelo Felix Mun

    He doesn't even know how to cut onions