I Was Behzinga on Tinder for 24 Hours!
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  • Cals Clips
    Cals Clips

    This is good but not quite as good as your among us videos x

    • S Mell
      S Mell

      Cals Clips that might be the saddest thing i have ever seen lol

    • Ryan olsen
      Ryan olsen


    • Fayzal

      @Ezra Edosa llp

    • Ebby

      i think its time we find tobi a girl

    • GamingFlicks

      "X" sus

  • Uzair Ali
    Uzair Ali

    "Pluohgning" was actually madd😭

  • Soheil Darvish
    Soheil Darvish

    Brooker T line was awesome

  • Shrek is hawt
    Shrek is hawt


  • Martin Tocik
    Martin Tocik

    “Jak se máš, calums😀”

  • Nicholas Klemmer
    Nicholas Klemmer

    Love the content you’ve been posting bud, keep it up

  • Khodr Aldebiat
    Khodr Aldebiat

    Open please 😂😂😂

  • idzarot


  • Michał Lech
    Michał Lech

    A kazachstani was speaking polish ???

  • David shortt
    David shortt

    That intro gave me aids

  • 86niisan8686

    last time ill be visiting freezys channel the only things that got me here were behz and that thumbnail after 18 minutes of video i had a laugh off behz twice and the thumbnail never happened

  • kalel

    bruhh the booker T bit had me crying i think im gonna suicide now

  • Luca Serafini
    Luca Serafini


  • P Neron
    P Neron

    Is he bisexual?

    • amr atef
      amr atef


  • GG GG
    GG GG

    Cal mate how havnt u put borat in the title

  • Betz Gaming
    Betz Gaming

    Ethan’s laugh is the most contagious I swear

  • Joseph

    "Of the US and A" had me dead🤣🤣

  • Ben McNutt
    Ben McNutt

    How did you get Sacha Baron Cohen to agree to this, like this is such a random cameo appearance of Borat.

  • TeamAlphaBeta


  • Kasimir Stolt
    Kasimir Stolt

    Damn good video and Borat just was fantastic!!

  • Lorenz

    Plötzlich kam Mero Werbung Hahahhaha

  • Adrian Dominguez
    Adrian Dominguez

    16:54 😂😂

  • Ádám Csontos
    Ádám Csontos

    Is Ethan fat again?

  • Erin Tilling
    Erin Tilling

    The things I would do to match with cal on tinder 😍

  • Mevi MVP
    Mevi MVP

    This some documentary show shit

  • Lewis init
    Lewis init

    Sacha Baron Cohen is my dad. No really

  • henry arthur
    henry arthur

    Liverpool lifting the premier league 17:14

  • SS

    Waaaaaaa BORAT!!!!!

  • Freddie Warwick
    Freddie Warwick

    Man called him callux lol

  • Ahmad Bin Usman
    Ahmad Bin Usman

    in khazakstan we r not sexy 🤣

  • Mimi Ho
    Mimi Ho

    Of all the clickbaiting he does did he really leave out borat?? Put some respect on sashas name!!


    In Russia, a bear climbs a tree after a man 😱🤯👉isdowns.info/lift/1IbdpoF-m4tqlrc/v-deo

  • R0o _kie
    R0o _kie

    is it me or is ethan looking hella fat in this vid

  • Rachy Boo
    Rachy Boo

    Surprised behz is single 😮 totally would 📲

  • emily milligan
    emily milligan


  • emily milligan
    emily milligan

    “ open please open “ nah😂😂😂😂😂 just is something ethan would say aswell ahahhaha

  • C

    why is borat in this videooo? ahahahah

  • Nah Bro
    Nah Bro

    Holy fucking shit I didn’t expect borat

  • Liv

    my intention wasn't to come here and watch you have a conversation with horst. but i'll take it lmfaooooo

  • Rusty 18
    Rusty 18

    Not laughed at a ISdowns video that much in ages 😂

  • jensen

    Sacha Baron Cohen is a legend 😂

  • jensen

    Was this before or after Ethan stream sniped Cal's Among Us game?

  • jensen

    Should been Borat on Tinder instead smh

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson

    Who dafuq did you get a borat collab. Well played

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy


  • Kelly Tush
    Kelly Tush

    Hey look it’s the guy from that Black Friday Ad

  • Kailesh

    I saw you in a gymshark ad, big man freeze

  • Luca Jose
    Luca Jose


  • BenPlays

    My man in the ads just watched it

  • TRambo 2013
    TRambo 2013

    Who saw calfreezy in ad??

  • Christian Anderson
    Christian Anderson

    I like your gym shark add your in

  • Xbox4life

    Anyone else see calfreezy on the Black Friday advert

  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen

    I just saw cal in a commercial about Black Friday I’m not even joking it was him with a fake mustache

  • Sergio Carrillo
    Sergio Carrillo

    Very random video but I like it

  • Inder Kahlon
    Inder Kahlon

    Did I just see freezy in a commercial

  • Sean Mcleod
    Sean Mcleod

    I was watching ksi then calfrreezy comes on and says crap at least he ain’t gay or he would be a gonner rip cal

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    Lmao borat.

  • Dhrvay Smith
    Dhrvay Smith

    He’s on a ad😂

  • Keyari Tololi
    Keyari Tololi

    Don’t worry, I saw u on that ad cal 🙈

  • Ace_ 2Ice
    Ace_ 2Ice

    You sucj

  • Juan Carlos Medel
    Juan Carlos Medel

    The booker t part killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Donagh O'Rourke
    Donagh O'Rourke

    8:06 fanboy and chum chum

  • Bud Marvin
    Bud Marvin

    Just seen your ad , big ups mate 👌

  • Jesus Alcazar
    Jesus Alcazar

    Cal what’s that Black Friday ISdowns commercial I just saw you in 😂

  • Hussien Alaa
    Hussien Alaa

    I'm a simple man, I see Borat I click like.

  • SquareBraceX2

    It took me a solid ten seconds to realize that this was a real convo, and not just clipped together from other sources

  • Conor Tierney
    Conor Tierney

    Hey doubt your going to see this but I’d love to write closed captions for your videos for free just to help out the deaf community

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    "open, open please", that's one of the maddest phrases I've ever heard!😂😂😂😂

  • PantheR

    1:56 please hmm open open

  • Gabasto


  • Noah Ward
    Noah Ward

    Who else has seen cal getting done by a stripper on the hub😂😂

  • B

    When you least expect him, Sacha Baron Cohen

  • JiggelyToes

    Im sorry but freezy is just super cringe

  • Oxy

    That dyslexic joke might be the best thing I’ve ever heard lmaooo

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    "this movie is not about love and sexy time even though it's about a father and a daughter" lmao

  • The lord
    The lord

    Cal and Ethan in real life video:happy Cal and Ethan in among us: Yelling

  • Nekoj Covek
    Nekoj Covek

    Hahahaha borat's last movie "the trial of the chicago 7" was brilliant as well as his part there

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      learned from the film. “Everyone should help,” another student said, “Falun Gong practitioners have suffered so much. We should do something.” Mr. Weng Chenen, a studen

  • British Wordplay
    British Wordplay

    666 hand sign at the beginning LOL

  • LVision

    You can talk to me about the woman’s

  • LVision

    What a interesting video

  • Afro Donkey
    Afro Donkey

    Ethan: has a moustache Cal: U need a moustache

  • vOklahoma

    why do cal’s teeth look so damn yellow

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast


  • Fin Nivem
    Fin Nivem


  • Vláďa Vavruška
    Vláďa Vavruška

    The first phrase Borat said was "Jak se máš, Callum?" which means "How are you, Callum?". Although Borat is a Kazakh, he said it in Czech. I would like to know why. Big up for Borat Cal !!!!! ps. Love how Behz pronounced it. xxx

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      0:34 no wonder you struggle with women

  • Depth of Hades
    Depth of Hades

    The dyslexic line about ploughing was gold lmao

  • Bibek Thapa
    Bibek Thapa

    You look like cart titan from Attack on Titan

  • Extensions

    Literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God Bless you, Stay out safe and have a wonderful day!🙏

  • Jasiri Wa-kyendo
    Jasiri Wa-kyendo

    Why not use Sascha Baron Cohen as the click bait??

  • billy joe
    billy joe

    sell out promotiung the Borat satanist

  • Ptricia Carr
    Ptricia Carr

    Let Everyone Know and Stop the Persecution High school teacher Ms. Chen watched the documentary with her students. Ms. Chen and her high school class were shocked by the facts revealed in the documentary. Mr. Jiang, a student in Ms. Chen's class, said that the screening was very meaningful. He said he would tell more people about what he learned from the film. “Everyone should help,” another student said, “Falun Gong practitioners have suffered so much. We should do something.” Mr. Weng Chenen, a student from Taipei Business College, said he believed if everyone remained silent, then the persecution could be extended to non-Falun Gong practitioners. “The Communist Party will not stop if no one stops them. So we should make our voices heard, and let more people know about it.”

  • cavan junior
    cavan junior

    Purely shameless plugs

  • Jhfamily 2
    Jhfamily 2

    Ethan Um wyd at 5:22😳

  • Yoshi on psycho
    Yoshi on psycho


  • a random guy
    a random guy

    Are u Irish

  • Agnieszka Leonowicz
    Agnieszka Leonowicz

    why Borat is speaking Polish sometimes? lol

  • memeuless

    0:34 no wonder you struggle with women

  • Krux Samm
    Krux Samm

    i just got the notification lad

  • Kivar Maharaj
    Kivar Maharaj

    you’re such an underated youtuber

  • Tentacles45

    DAMN Hey Sach...Borat Margaret Sagdiyev