Youtubers vs 12 Year Old Genius In Real Life....
Once again sorry for the audio but I loved this video so much that I wanted to put it out!
Big up to Ollie for coming through, donny was an absolute legend.
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  • Its_RubenXD

    I dont want to be smart here but hydrogen is h2

  • niyojo

    I’m taking props for this genius. In primary school we bashed heads so he must’ve got my smarts.

  • Aksh J
    Aksh J

    Which gas in the air is absorbed by plants, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen(I know nitrogen is not absorbed is gaseous firm but the question was which gas in air and it is a gas in air)

  • Mrorangechair32 yee
    Mrorangechair32 yee

    My left ear at 17:15

  • saib adam
    saib adam

    How is that a 16year old level question?

  • Ready to Fly
    Ready to Fly

    I dont want to brag but i think i got most of those correct.

  • nanoguy 2007
    nanoguy 2007

    who else would have gotten a 100% if they were there? I mean I personally knew these when I was 7

  • PoisonDart

    Nice spelling of Andorra

  • Emilio Bello
    Emilio Bello

    I am a huge fan of kid geniuses, wish I was that smart as a kid

  • michael mamistvalov
    michael mamistvalov

    the audio .... damn

  • raunox

    i told my teacher that theres more than 8 planets in the solar system in year 4 (5th grade) and i was studying white holes, black holes, colliding neutron stars and gravitational waves when i was 10. basically this kid is just a kid, and kids at school r dumb

  • Tobiasz Kowalczyk
    Tobiasz Kowalczyk

    He's not genius. It's a basic knowledge..

  • Charlotte Muncaster
    Charlotte Muncaster

    Saying Neptune is the Greek god of the sea and rivers I wanted to cry- I’m such a mythology nerd

  • R J
    R J

    mate. you should have asked someone like Randolph to help you with the audio, there is a way to have all the people in the room be heard when necessary by controlling the gain at certain times.

  • Anne Furgo
    Anne Furgo

    19:46 "You did 40%" Sheesh. That was cold! He is the only likeable kid I've ever seen in any of the youtubers video humble and actually smart.

  • Briggy

    Sidemen imma steal that right up

  • Taha Wrld
    Taha Wrld

    bruv Neptune is poisiden

  • Will Orpin
    Will Orpin

    Olli saying a city not even in Australia, it was just painfull


    Those sub tittles are pissing me off why are they not still they are just annoying

  • SCP Simplified
    SCP Simplified

    Who watches “Sidemen” when u got “Mainboys”

  • CheapBAG05

    You guys don't deserve to represent Team ISdowns😅😅😅

  • Forge Music
    Forge Music

    and i thought that you had to have some intelligence to be a youtuber gib celebrating being called dumb kinda sums up how wrong i was

  • Crown Prince History
    Crown Prince History

    14:00 Neptune is the Latin spelling of Poseidon.

  • Ethan Page
    Ethan Page

    At like 16:09 there is like double audio

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    This has nothing to do with intelligence. They just showed us that they are less educated than the 12 yo boy

  • emilyannexo

    the fact that i also said boris johnson on the tower of london question says a lot 😂😂

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    I got almost all of these, but I’m 21. I don’t think I could have answered these as a 12 year old, this kid is on something, fair play to him

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    I got almost all of these, but I’m 21. I don’t think I could have answered these as a 12 year old, this kid is on something, fair play to him

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      18:21 it is 25

  • brody thomas
    brody thomas

    cal looks clapped

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      bruv these lot are melons, how is a 12 year old beating you?

  • Ryan Aston
    Ryan Aston

    lol I would be classed as a genius because I knew most answers

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      bruv these lot are melons, how is a 12 year old beating you?

  • Autumn Hastings
    Autumn Hastings

    Gib totally made this video

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Calfreezy doesn’t upload daily, but when he does, it is high quality content.

  • Jax McMenamin
    Jax McMenamin

    someone give that 12 year old extra credit. i’m 16 and didn’t know all the ones he got 💀

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      chip is a melon, bless the lad

  • It’s Neel
    It’s Neel

    wow i learned so much

  • Lukey

    This poor kid looks so awkward and uncomfortable lmao

  • Gustav Palmquist
    Gustav Palmquist

    this kid isnt even that smart

    • Beta

      @Lukey he isn’t..

    • Lukey

      Your hard

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    The poor kids probably traumatised

  • Hendrik Andrejev
    Hendrik Andrejev

    Cal Greek mythology Poseidon, Neptune to the Romans

  • ꧁Orca꧂

    This video is like 15fps wtf

  • Milo McCarthy Music
    Milo McCarthy Music

    “THIS 12 YEAR OLD IS A GENIUS” “What’s the capital of Australia?” Genius: _names city in New Zealand_

    • Milo McCarthy Music
      Milo McCarthy Music

      @Jordan park nah I mean I think I would’ve gotten Canberra at 12

    • Jordan park
      Jordan park

      Capital of New Zealand very close for a 12 year old

  • Cassie

    The poor kids probably traumatised

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      This has nothing to do with intelligence. They just showed us that they are less educated than the 12 yo boy

  • deal_w1th_Psyco -_-
    deal_w1th_Psyco -_-

    Is that young chip

    • deal_w1th_Psyco -_-
      deal_w1th_Psyco -_-

      @Lukey u have to be being sarcastic

    • Lukey

      Ofc not

  • Adnan Shah
    Adnan Shah


  • Jayden Graham
    Jayden Graham

    18:21 it is 25

    • Lukey

      Jee your hard

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    Calfreezy doesn’t upload daily, but when he does, it is high quality content.

    • Cassie

      How the hell is Gib so stupid? Lol

  • edik bazaar
    edik bazaar

    bruv these lot are melons, how is a 12 year old beating you?

  • edik bazaar
    edik bazaar

    chip is a melon, bless the lad

  • Ryan Maloney
    Ryan Maloney

    neptune is the roman version of the greek god poseidon

  • Mc Kevin daly
    Mc Kevin daly

    We need to see JJ in one of these type of videos pls Cal

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      ollie is tommyinnits alter ego

  • cryptic godly
    cryptic godly

    2 wrong in history

  • cryptic godly
    cryptic godly

    All but 2 in science

  • cryptic godly
    cryptic godly

    All but 3 in geography

  • John

    It’s a blessing to be that smart at only 12years of age. I hope he knows that and achieve something with it

  • Atirek Bajpai
    Atirek Bajpai

    That boy was not a genius saying 60 elements on the periodic table 😂😂😂 His favourite subject is Science 😂😂

  • brady holmes
    brady holmes

    It’s Ollie ball here

  • Oobert07

    OMG!!! This was just a memory test! E.g irl you never need to know any more than 3.14 for pi so the rest is useless. This video is tragic and that kid is not genius, he just has a half decent memory!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jess

    isnt australia a continent tho or is it called oceana or whatever

  • MAK1NHO _
    MAK1NHO _

    How the hell is Gib so stupid? Lol

  • dillon willn
    dillon willn

    Is this the Walmart version of the sidemen?

  • Nityanand Pawar
    Nityanand Pawar

    these questions were hella easy man!

  • Joseph Lin
    Joseph Lin

    Ngl when you live in a country like japan korea china or taiwan like me you HAVE to know these stuff

  • gluttony

    ollie is tommyinnits alter ego

  • zara atkin
    zara atkin

    play the chase with ollie

  • african kaleab
    african kaleab

    Jesus is Lord. Jesus is King. True Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

  • Vylo

    I mean these lot aren’t smarter than a normal 12 year old sooo

  • Freddie Nutt
    Freddie Nutt

    17:02 poor cal

  • abdalla mahmoud
    abdalla mahmoud

    austrailia isnt a country its a continent

    • XXCXY

      @abdalla mahmoud I'm Australian. Literally just look up "Is Australia a country" and you'll have your answer.

    • abdalla mahmoud
      abdalla mahmoud

      thats what ur saying

    • abdalla mahmoud
      abdalla mahmoud

      @XXCXY ok then africa is also a country idiot

    • XXCXY

      Stupid, it's a country and a continent.

  • Huey

    If hes a genius then im the smartest human in the world. Bow down to me albert einstein,stephen hawkings and thomas edison

  • Oliver Penney
    Oliver Penney

    Still wondering what that kid sounds like. Couldn’t hear a word he said


    Do it with all of the sidemen

  • Charlie Sheehan
    Charlie Sheehan

    how is this dude a genius when Im 13 and I got every single question right lmao they were like grade 4 questions

  • Yousif Khalid
    Yousif Khalid

    ksi shouldve been on this true KNOWLEDGE

  • s a d h c u r s MSP
    s a d h c u r s MSP

    Theo’s side profile looks like Jake Paul

  • chem_

    it's not even 1944 lmao

  • Rajan Singh
    Rajan Singh

    Im sorry this is Incorrect The smartest 12 year old is Sheldon Cooper

  • Kasai Akuma
    Kasai Akuma

    10/15 = 20% ?????????????????!??????????????????????????????????????????

  • Movingallthewhile

    This was so entertaining to watch. I loved how the youtubers got beaten.

  • K Quarles
    K Quarles


  • Patrick Power Videos
    Patrick Power Videos

    What a video Cal great stuff

  • A O
    A O

    dislike for being so dumb in spelling COLOMBIA

  • Yussuf Farajallah
    Yussuf Farajallah

    A millennium long war you know 😂😂 Gib is done 😂😂😂

  • Opportunehalo6

    Imagine thinking your a genius and saying the capital of Germany is Munich

  • rasmus97

    the sound is some how very bad tho i know you said it but yeah anyways its still fun to watch

  • Max Purewal
    Max Purewal

    Why are you calling this kid a genius? I'm his age and I know all of these. Not meant to be hate but it's true

    • Connan 1each
      Connan 1each

      Just allow it, my cousins 16 and got b’s in his GCSEs but didn’t no all of these

  • txnxth

    this video definitely isn’t robbed *cough*

  • white wolf
    white wolf

    the kid looks like Oliver Twist

    • white wolf
      white wolf

      @bilisha coli hush

  • Mo Alq
    Mo Alq

    Do one with an actual genius not some 5 grade questions 😂

  • Alfie Fry
    Alfie Fry

    Gib is so funny , I love the confidence from him tho 😂

  • Pippy Pappy
    Pippy Pappy


  • Sean Hanley
    Sean Hanley

    What a goat 😂

  • Joshua Palmer
    Joshua Palmer

    On behalf of New Zealand. People from Wellington have taken offense to your answer

  • ccontia

    the subtitles are a great addition, but i think theyre way too bouncy and all over the place

  • Alex Spencer
    Alex Spencer

    That 12 year old don’t look like he is 12 😂


    Copying footasylem?

  • Kian FUT20
    Kian FUT20

    These questions are so easy bro

  • Jayden R
    Jayden R

    footasylum did it better but this is still good

  • The Spectacle
    The Spectacle


  • TDH GokuESP
    TDH GokuESP


  • Niall Harnett
    Niall Harnett

    No offense to the kid but he is pretty average and the questions were quite easy but still fair play to him

    • Pajoli

      Wow ur cool bro

  • LekoFourZer0

    Cal: The audio stinks so we've subtitled the video the subtitles: I shall be yellow on a mostly white video

  • khalid mohd
    khalid mohd

    I swear these uk youtubers are just coping footasylum's ideas