TRUTH OR DRINK VS KSI *very personal*
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  • Binx

    One of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched to this day 🤣🤣

  • Ollie

    I just realised calfreezy looks like Elon musk

  • chris vesper
    chris vesper

    No one was safe in this video 😂 the dude who wrote those questions had straight up VIOLENCE on their mind 😂


    5:29 CANT AGREE MORE TO HIM, FAM HES JUST HONEST and its the truth

  • Kai H
    Kai H

    Does anyone comeback to rewath this video ? Or just me

  • DrHyenaa

    When u combine of course and sure Ksi: of chore

  • Aeshma Star
    Aeshma Star

    a foot fetish... I swear. 💀

  • Rob Evans
    Rob Evans

    KSI’s laugh is undefeated.

  • AlekzyGhee

    OMDSSSSS Harry's fken question absolutely killed me

  • Socket GTPS
    Socket GTPS

    We need a part 2

  • Alex Bruv
    Alex Bruv

    Who came from the shorts vid

  • Luc Lafond
    Luc Lafond

    Why didnt jj say ricegum😂

  • The Dark Knight (Batman)
    The Dark Knight (Batman)

    All I wanna know is why Cal and Randy didn't step in when JJ got attacked :/

  • Raees Jassat
    Raees Jassat

    JJs new answer about the weirdest "adult film" is one with zombies

  • Raees Jassat
    Raees Jassat

    JJs new answer about the weirdest "adult film" is one with zombies

  • Abdi rahman
    Abdi rahman

    from truth or drink lux changed it to dare or drink to violate jj

  • zac warmkessel
    zac warmkessel

    11:57 definitely feel like they wanted to say Talia or Freya

  • zac warmkessel
    zac warmkessel

    Trippy i thought for sure he say ricegum

  • Scott McDowall
    Scott McDowall

    "I could Look up and imagine it's a chick" I got news for you, pink braid, you could look down and still imagine it's a chick.

    • Callum

      i think this is the only youtube comment to make me actually laugh out loud, thanks.

  • MAXXL05_ _
    MAXXL05_ _

    22:55 🤣

  • Shrey Kamdar
    Shrey Kamdar

    22:35 Ksi: this video is a mistake Calcal: Hmm

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    16:03 and 19:55 are hands down the funniest😂😂😂

  • Dank Potato
    Dank Potato

    Harry with the clutch 😂😂

  • esi craft
    esi craft

    9:37 calfreezy show'd his real form

  • Thomas Ferguson
    Thomas Ferguson

    👁 👁 👄 why does calfreezy look like this

  • Baby J
    Baby J

    I suck toes... shouldn’t of said that....

  • Baby J
    Baby J

    And you’re loaded.... fucking brilliant

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths

    22:59 the face

  • Weedie 2
    Weedie 2

    This is such a banger video man!

  • AYUSH Rai
    AYUSH Rai

    Most pointless video I have ever seen they fuc##n don't show anything

  • Harmony

    16:00 "Just a quick one" -Goes on for like 2 minutes

  • Jake Pearson - Explore Personal Growth
    Jake Pearson - Explore Personal Growth

    7:13 harry's laugh from the other room

  • Brittney Richards
    Brittney Richards

    10:49 AOTP out sooooooooooooon

  • EraChanger dude
    EraChanger dude

    20:17 their reaction tho Im gooone😂🤣🤣

  • Kiko

    1:58 that’s lowkey funny

  • Toastman

    I jus wanna know whats in KSI bank account lol

  • tyhb tbr
    tyhb tbr


  • Rhys Rivers
    Rhys Rivers

    This video is fucking gold

  • Rhys Rivers
    Rhys Rivers

    Just imagine it's a chick

  • gro “gronk” nk
    gro “gronk” nk

    why is ksi so insecure about his sexuality

  • Jaydog Raff
    Jaydog Raff

    23:00 Jj's face on the last question 😂

  • Sebastian Kragelund
    Sebastian Kragelund

    Jj be like “oooh no now i have to take another shot” ironacly Said

  • Jacked Johnny Test
    Jacked Johnny Test

    Jj toesucka ganggg represent

  • Y not
    Y not

    How has this vid not got more views. Third time I’ve watched it

  • usayd heathy
    usayd heathy

    Best thing i've watched all year!!

  • Embber GG
    Embber GG

    Part 2

  • Danzbantz 1
    Danzbantz 1

    9:35 Callfreezy looks more like a crackhead than an alcohol 💀

  • Nate McQueen
    Nate McQueen

    Yinka’s still expecting

  • Asdaq Irfan
    Asdaq Irfan

    Of Chore?😂😂😂😂

  • Seko


  • Danny Fifa
    Danny Fifa


  • Tameem

    Gate yes you are right there are no one in front door and you will be there at first I will just call them when you can come bye have fun and I’ll come bye have you a lot and you don’t want me I want there is a lot going on you don’t know you know that I’m not a big girl 👧🏻 was my birthday 🎁 is your birthday 🎁 I want a good one ☝🏻 I know I I have something you know but I’m sorry 😐

  • Ben Buchwald
    Ben Buchwald

    Best Video so far

  • PikkaPeralta Baheza
    PikkaPeralta Baheza

    8:09 me when I’m high 🤣

  • Jaguar Eagle
    Jaguar Eagle

    Harry is a fckn legend w that last question lmao

  • preeti3634

    Man this is a great ass video

  • PureRad

    Starting the video cal says it's going to be funny so let me watch the whole video and see if I laughed Edit: I cba to watch this

  • Grace A
    Grace A

    i find myself coming back to this video very often

  • S_ piritualz
    S_ piritualz

    👁. 👁 👃 👄

  • Jacob Madsen
    Jacob Madsen

    Do one with Harry


    Why can’t he say Booz

  • Marcelo Osorio
    Marcelo Osorio

    I do suck toes - Olajide Olatunji

  • Ankan Gupt
    Ankan Gupt

    Harry's disstrack is still doing damage. 😆

  • Tim.otaii

    lol this comes up when you search harry kane

  • Jjoeplus1

    Anyone know where freezys shorts are from

  • Ferno

    This should be a series

  • David Tinajero
    David Tinajero

    best video of 2021

  • helen echeverria
    helen echeverria

    this is one my of comfort vids

  • m vc
    m vc

    No one: Calfreezy:👁 👁 👃 👄

  • Poric Crompton
    Poric Crompton

    Whatever cal said was the worst thing about JJ was not polite😂 the pain in JJs laugh😂

  • Mohammad Al-Yami
    Mohammad Al-Yami

    10:49 is where JJ got the inspiration for his 2nd album title

    • Xander HD
      Xander HD


  • Brody Armstrong
    Brody Armstrong

    Bro this my first video of yours in years, how tf yo face only getting longer

  • Henry Wells
    Henry Wells

    it soooioo funny rewatching this ”on substance”

  • অয়ন

    Need more of these

  • Tagen Etheridge
    Tagen Etheridge

    I love Cal and Cal

  • xLoRD-_- Channel
    xLoRD-_- Channel

    You’re loaded 😭😭😭😭

  • Ludwig Loaiza
    Ludwig Loaiza

    Idk why. But I would like to hear a verse from jj that sounds like drake's verse in "yes indeed"

  • NiGhT FuRy
    NiGhT FuRy

    22:45 Harry's question

  • InsaniacYo

    Great video! Smashed it!

  • Arjun Raj
    Arjun Raj

    Ksi to calfreezy : you are an alcoholic. This definitely explains how harry became his roommate lol

  • colds notes346
    colds notes346

    Calfreezy is a alcoholic looll

  • Is big feet
    Is big feet

    Do one with W2s

  • It’s Ali
    It’s Ali

    This was hilarious I love this chill JJ where he’s put an a awkward situation 😂

  • dark vigilante
    dark vigilante

    16:40 "why can't you answer the question ? I know you have lived a life ,you are sitting right in front of me bruv"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DirtBike D
    DirtBike D

    You have just gained a sub off this absolute BANGER. thanks mate

  • Danielle

    Sat here so drunk and even just watching them two take shots is making me feel sick

  • SatrioSaz

    "My girlfriend is perfect" the energy i need in my life

  • Rxzi


  • Alex Magnenat
    Alex Magnenat

    Legend video

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese

    “I do suck toes”: KSI

  • MM MM
    MM MM

    "and you're loaded!" lmfao

  • @lzy_d_f

    We all know its VODKA

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    You're censoring "alcohol/booze"? wtf is youtube coming to, also, I know you want to make money off of this but there's a level you should just never stoop to man

  • Miguel Cortez
    Miguel Cortez

    Hilarious video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Space Witch
    Space Witch

    KSI did not just say Dodie has fallen off. Bro she’s probably put out more music than you 😪 rip


    Yo yinka is amazing🤣🤣🤣

  • Arkhan Dhanial Djawas (student)
    Arkhan Dhanial Djawas (student)

    what an absolute banger

  • Abe Jacob
    Abe Jacob

    This was a set up on JJ 😂 man got done dirty

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    Damn Yinka is a good woman

  • your dad ✔️
    your dad ✔️

    This shit is mad