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  • ZachMeleOfficial

    The egg miss the bowl - Calfreezy

  • Danielle Daniels
    Danielle Daniels

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  • Jack

    Do Morgz

  • Caleb Balky
    Caleb Balky

    what song was that at the 4 minute mark

  • Caleb Balky
    Caleb Balky

    what song was that at the 4 minute mark

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez

    Ksi yes

  • Amara Alblushi
    Amara Alblushi

    Do this for Gib

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez


  • bignutsss s
    bignutsss s

    Do ksi

  • 孤独Solitude

    Vik needs you.

  • That 1guy
    That 1guy

    13:12 when you hear your parents arguing in another room and they call your name

  • Fxde _Fn
    Fxde _Fn

    Behz has waves

  • Robert Sneweeit
    Robert Sneweeit

    5:24 wtf was that🤣

  • williameu _
    williameu _

    could have gotten wagyu steak from harrods

  • Adil Arif
    Adil Arif

    The way he spelt 'Sheffing' 💀

  • JFCI

    Clients client

  • Gilad S
    Gilad S

    Man just put seasoning on a Wagyu.... Disappointing

  • ARCH3R

    anyone know where he got his blue puffer jacket from?

  • Interesting Things
    Interesting Things

    I swear cal is the funniest soul😂


    yer i got a supplier no worries haahahaha

  • Ubi

    Calfreezy reminds me of the chef from Ratatouille

  • Angel Ramon
    Angel Ramon

    Imagine cal cooking for the sidemen in a sidemen Sunday 😂

  • Nikhail Annamalai
    Nikhail Annamalai

    KSI or Vikk and cook indian food

  • michael mamistvalov
    michael mamistvalov

    stop rubbing your nipple you freak :D

  • Pranay

    Do jj next

  • Beastplaysallday Lol
    Beastplaysallday Lol

    gordan ramsey no balls

  • FreakyCore800

    Cal is definitely trying to look like Heston Blumenthal 😂

  • Nuke


  • Theodora Passmore
    Theodora Passmore

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  • FACT king
    FACT king

    Do it for simon

  • _ RX17_
    _ RX17_

    Do one with Simon

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    Lukx Too

    Do Theo 🙂

  • Jed Spencer
    Jed Spencer

    You know his face is big when his mask barely fits it

  • Emil Haugdahl
    Emil Haugdahl

    Ksi can be next

  • TalkingShitWithHarry

    5:04 fix the caption

  • Jack Clark
    Jack Clark

    Ma teacher knows your sister lad

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    Nagayo Barento

    Do jj

  • Richie Samuel
    Richie Samuel


  • AceYourFace

    He got 1,000 bucks to compensate for da wagyu

  • InfernalStudios

    Mate how can you still be this shit at cooking after so many cooking videos

  • Oscar Pacheco
    Oscar Pacheco

    Do it with Harry

  • Uwais Ahmed
    Uwais Ahmed

    Niko Omilana

  • The Pumpkin Queen
    The Pumpkin Queen

    I fucking love Ethan’s laugh 🥰😂

  • Billy Farrar
    Billy Farrar

    Ethan looking at his food after not being able to stop eating it was low key heart breaking

  • grace riley
    grace riley

    Do talia

  • Dominate

    ISdowns is racist there are subtitles in this video but no subtitles in JJ's videos

  • Dave Kyno
    Dave Kyno

    Sweet Anita, would love to see her responses to some of your cooking!

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life

    Fat boy in the mud. Pass it on

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma


  • yaori _
    yaori _


  • AdamBaker

    That wagyu is meant for Shabu Shabu mate

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales

    Cool for KSimon

  • Twenty8hrs

    I cant take serious with the glass/goggles.

  • Derek Reynaga
    Derek Reynaga

    What about the myth the legend ksi

  • Lyanna Mormont
    Lyanna Mormont

    The only thing you cooked was the pig. While eating beef 😭

  • KS I
    KS I

    Vik one would be funny

  • Harvie Chambers
    Harvie Chambers

    14:01 'that's really looking after my figure ksi is a ni.. who wrote this'

  • FACT king
    FACT king

    Ye do simon

  • Connor Scott
    Connor Scott

    Anyone else realise that obviously was spelt wrong at around the 5:09 Mark

  • Patryk K
    Patryk K

    12:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • shanice

    cal really wanted that 9😂

  • cill.chambo

    Cal u should bring back vlogs

  • Taylor Jackson
    Taylor Jackson


  • z- x1y
    z- x1y


  • Sally-Ann Chesters
    Sally-Ann Chesters

    best chef

  • Shriyaa Mishra
    Shriyaa Mishra


  • Uv

    Stephen tries next

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    Do Vick

  • AGMtagious

    oh wow, you sponsorship was actually useful, solved my first world problem with multiple debit cards and got me self a lickle fiver

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    eddie gray

    Pls do JJ

  • H A
    H A

    Do a chef vid with Niko

  • james dowling
    james dowling

    that waygu is almost as flat as talia

  • Nathan Patrik
    Nathan Patrik

    Boys i reckon he cooks for our boy Babatunde.

  • Fatima Saeed
    Fatima Saeed

    you need to post vids more often freezus

  • Bryan Delgadillo
    Bryan Delgadillo

    Do an “I Ate And Trained like.....MARK WAHLBERG”

  • Josh Byrne
    Josh Byrne

    Cal needs to keep the trend of people who used to have Covid and get zerka

  • harrison carter
    harrison carter

    the ding dang doo

  • emily milligan
    emily milligan

    100% make this a series😭😭

  • Rasmus Borg sörensen
    Rasmus Borg sörensen

    Oh I didn’t know Waguy was pig meat behz

  • The Gay Overlord
    The Gay Overlord

    This would’ve been better 3 years ago

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    Guneet Singh

    DO GIB

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    Faris Alabbad


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    Kick Beatzz


  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021

    Harry or gib next?

  • Badazzdiesel (CVFDDV)
    Badazzdiesel (CVFDDV)


  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Hide your wife, I've got a knife...... And now we got "nothing to fear calfreezy is here." 😂

  • Elroy Van Der Kuylen
    Elroy Van Der Kuylen

    Song anyone? At 4:09?

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      jj pls

  • Faze_Bilal

    Can you get Ollie ball on this would be fire 🔥

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Where is cals jacket from??

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Vik needs a great chef like you Freezy

  • LitModz

    Calfreezy: 👁 👁 👃 👄

    • NevoGreen

      more like 👁 👁 👃 👃 👃 👄

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama

      @sehhi vooty idgaf gtfo

    • Tegan Sinnott
      Tegan Sinnott

      @sehhi vooty shusshhhh

    • LitModz

      @Deeman 👁 👃 👄 👁

    • Deeman

      👁 👁 👃 👄

  • Australia Is well good
    Australia Is well good


  • NoCap Kid
    NoCap Kid

    cal and ethan had the biggest glow ups it’s crazy

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      👁👁 👃🏼 👄

  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021

    Ethans laugh always makes you laugh 😂🙌🏼

  • Chyler DeSilva
    Chyler DeSilva

    you gotta do harry and callux for sure

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

  • CheapBAG05

    Didn't he say that the Wague cost 300? When did it become 50?

  • Joe Harvey
    Joe Harvey

    Cook for Ollie ball

  • Rhys C-T
    Rhys C-T

    Pause on 12:48 come on, Sam.... you need to work on your spelling.... it’s sleep not slepp 😂 love u man

  • Rhys C-T
    Rhys C-T

    4:09 what’s this song called

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Mans putting the raw wagu in with cooked wagu

  • Psyched

    i challenge u to a cooking competition if i win i get a gaming set up if u win u get nothing btw this video idea will get u good views